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Allie Bear

Alysia Bear, better known as “Allie”- The Canna Canuck is a "cannabiz" force of nature.

Allie Bear is an old-soul hippie mixed with some modern-day, boss babe dank.


She is a social media consultant, content creator, Influencer, traveled journalist, and published model, known online for big bong rips, a multitude of community and show appearances, her representation of dozens of cannabis brands, and her earnestness in pushing educated cannabis consumption forth to the masses.

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Jordan Wagman

Jordan’s approach to the use of cannabis in food is primarily for health and wellness.

For years Jordan has used both THC and CBD to treat the chronic symptoms of his Psoriasis and has created unique cannabis infused recipes which he shares with guests in the comfort of his kitchen.

Jordan has redefined cannabis infused food and his food and dinners are becoming legendary.

Chef Jordan applies the same seasonal approach to creating food with the addition of one incredible ingredient, cannabis.

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